Red Tea Detox

Red Tea Detox

Melt Away up to 1 Pound of FAT Every 72 HOURS!

The massive, red, venomous snake was looking right at me. I held my breath. I didn’t move an inch.

I was petrified. I remember thinking,

“Why did I risk my life for this cup of tea?”

The snake was flicking his tongue at me. He rattled his tail. That’s when he jumped…

When I woke up, I was surrounded by an African tribe. They were playing strange music like I had never heard before. A few of them were taking care of me.

Finally, the tribe’s Shaman gave me the cup of tea that would change my life forever.

Remember, it’s not just about losing the fat either. This is about confidence. This is about freedom.

By taking control of your body, you’re taking back control of your life. No more insecurity, no more indecision. Best of all, no more feeling helpless.

Honestly, even if you want to lose 20, 40, 60 pounds or more, I know this can work for you.

Drink this tasty red tea and in only 14 days from now, you’ll have kick-started your natural fat-burning system into overdrive, turning your body into a calorie burning machine. You’ll look in the mirror and, for the first time in years, you’ll see a big, unstoppable smile.

You’ll be thrilled, just like I was.

It’s the slimmer and sexier body you’ve always wanted to see!

You will Eat More and Weight Less.

With the help of this amazing red tea recipe, you will never feel hungry.

It’s true. Your stress is holding your body back.

Very few people truly understand how chronically high stress levels do serious harm to maintaining proper levels of fat-burning and fat-storing hormones which are required for releasing and burning excess fat.

Not only that, but you’ll find out about how this red tea recipe, found deep in the heart of Africa, not only reduces stress, it also stimulates your body’s natural systems to work together and burn more fat, in less time.

Take a healthy treat.

Why not take it first?

Loosing weight using Red Detox tea is the easiest way. You will feel light when you start taking Red detox tea.

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TEA like Green & Red tea are known to be one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. Not only can it increase fat burning, it is packed with antioxidants that can help target belly fat. Adding a splash of apple cider vinegar to teas like green or red bush tea can help increase fat burning as well as disguising the strong taste that the condiment has.


  • 1 Mug of hot water
  • Green tea bag
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon

Mix all of the ingredients together for a sweet tasty tea that will help boost your metabolism when drunk on an empty stomach in the morning.

Lemon can help with suppressing appetite just like green tea and apple cider vinegar as well as providing vitamins to the body.

Cinnamon helps in losing weight by suppressing appetite, regulating blood sugar levels and speeding up the metabolism.

Poor control of blood sugar levels can cause many health problems which may then cause difficulty when trying to lose weight.

Honey can help curb sugar cravings but has also been linked to burning more fat throughout the day.

It is a well-known fact that in order to lose weight your body needs to be in a calorie deficit.

This means consuming fewer calories than your body is burning. It is recommended to be in a calorie deficit of around 500-1000 calories a day but it is important to note that everybody is different and needs a different number of calories.

Therefore, having a cup of this detox tea in the morning will help you eat fewer calories throughout the day as well as helping to boost your metabolism.

Having a high metabolism will help you burn more fat throughout the day as well as at rest.

This can help with weight loss and adding it to a tea with honey will take away the strong taste that a lot of people don’t like.

Regular consumption of red detox tea helps increase bile production present in the stomach. It is a digestive juice that helps emulsify fat which is why this spice is great to add to your diet to help boost weight loss results.

Therefore, adding turmeric to apple cider vinegar and green tea can help detox the body as well as all three ingredients helping you to lose weight.


Benefits of Red Detox tea


It’s used as a treatment for digestive problems in traditional medicine, especially in Central and South America.

It’s used as traditional medicine, especially to treat digestive issues, detox the liver, and boost weight loss.

You can even buy pre-made blends of Red Detox tea.

Historically, detox tea has been used to treat digestive issues and assist in treating liver issues.

Yet, scientific evidence supporting the use of the tea for these or any other therapeutic purposes is extremely limited.

Do you love yourself?

Give yourself the best gift ever.

Loosing weight using Red Detox tea is the easiest way. You will feel light when you start taking Red detox tea.

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